Need to increase your scene? Get a fence for your backdrop! Perfect for photo showing or live showing!


1.5" tall.  You pick length.


*Please note: there is a 1-2 week wait-time on these, they are always made to order.

*Please note: The "feet" that help hold the fence up, and planks, are only glued on and are never screwed in.  So if the fence takes a hard hit it doesn't risk completely damaging the fence, it will gently snap off.  Simply apply a small amount of superglue and hold firmly for 15-20 seconds.  Let sit without pressure for an hour.

Fence Backdrop - SM

PriceFrom $19.99
  • These are extremely fragile and should not be used for play.  They are assembled with glue, damage can occur to the fence.  If your fence arrives damaged, please contact us within 3 days (date is confirmed using the USPS tracking number) after date received to arrange repair or refund. We do not carry an extended warranty for this item past this date however, replacement pieces can be ordered for only the shipping cost.