This set comes with 1 bow in your color choice, 5 arrows, 1 hay bale target & 1 quiver with belt. Ready for you performance scene! Save up to 12% by purchasing the complete set! Custom colors add $2.00 per item. Our bows are made in plastic and you can choose from our standard colors or wood color. Each bow is 5.75" long and works with 1/9 scale dolls. They are perfectly scaled and have great flexibility. Use sticky wax to attach to the dolls hands. Plastic quiver offers our standard colors or leather color. Comes with black belt with buckle. Hay bale practice target, just like the real ones! Assembled for your convenience. Our arrows are made in wood with red and black fletchings. Each arrow is 2.25" long and works with our Archery Bows. Use sticky wax to attach to the bow & dolls hands. Please Note: Doll, Horse and tack is not included.


*Please Note: Horse, doll & tack are not included.

*Only available in Traditional*

Archery Set

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