Millions of animals have been injured or killed from a result of Australia's devastating yearly fires.  Over 1.25 billion animals were killed during the Gospers Mountain fire.  Koala’s are the most affected animal followed by cockatoos, kangaroos and even livestock, including horses. We have dedicated our first jump of 2020 for the wonderful koalas of Australia. $20.00 from each jump will be donated to a wonderful organization to help EVERY single animal affected by these fires. Our unique Koala jump will help those in need, for only $114.99. These jumps are handmade and hand painted, will be carefully packaged and ship right to your door free of shipping charges in the US. We do offer world-wide shipping as well!  The donations made from this jump will go to WIRES Wildlife Rescue. You will receive confirmation when your funds have reached the designated charity.


For more information on this wonderful organization please follow the link below;


You will receive two unique hand painted standards, one pair of flags, four bases or “feet”, six jump cups, two flower pots with green flowers & three white with green striped poles. If you choose the oxer version you will get an additional two square standards in white, two extra cups & bases and one additional matching pole. Your kindness and donation is greatly appreciated 🐨


These jumps are Traditional 1/9 scale and come in a regular vertical jump or an oxer jump option for an additional $10.00.  If you decide not to purchase this unique koala jump, please consider donating directly to this wonderful organization. Thank you.


*Only available in Traditional*

Stand With Australia Jump

PriceFrom $109.24
  • Items that benefit charity has a separate return policy.  Please see below;

    *Returns are accepted within 14 days of receiving item, buyer pays return shipping for a full refund.  For items benefiting charity, your donated portion will not be refunded.

    For example, if you purchase a $114.99 jump with free US shipping, $20.00 will be donated to charity, if you return the jump, you will only receive a $94.99 refund.