Online Model Horse Showing

Facebook-based Online Model Horse Show, offers 8 shows a year, not including the Year-End Championships.  21 classes, placed 1st-3rd with flat ribbons & 4th-6th with paper ribbons, all first place models are entered into the finals to win a special champion prize.  You can choose between an LSQ Prop or a NIP Stablemate.  OMHS has a Year-End Championship where all champions compete for a chance to win a NIB Breyer & trophy.  We also have an annual December Performance Show which follows the same rules as the regular series but is an extra show not in the regular series. This show does not have Halter Classes, only Performance Classes.  At OMHS you can compete anywhere in the World and get prizes sent right to your door!

Previously known as "USOMHS".

Fees are simple, you have 2 different options..

  • Monthly: $5 per show, which allows you to enter 3 horses per class and enter as many classes as you wish.

  • Year Member: $25 per year, which allows you to enter all regular shows with 3 horses per class, and as many classes as you wish plus NO late-fees.

These fees do not go towards the annual Performance Show.

If you are outside the US, there are additional charges to show, to cover postage.  For more information please go to the OMHS Facebook Group.

request to join & be accepted in minutes!