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About Us

Check out our premade items, or contact us today for information about custom props, or custom colors. We ship world-wide but are based in Arkansas, USA.

Enterprise Props was founded in 2014 by Natalie with help from her father.  They began making props in early 2013 just for fun, but in 2014 she began selling.  Enterprise Props was the first Model Horse Prop Maker to make such detailed, realistic props using CNC machining and 3D Printing.  Natalie gained her business license as owner of Enterprise Props in 2017 and now solely runs Enterprise Props. Natalie grew up learning how to operate CNC machines, 3D printers and how to 3D design. She has worked as a fabricator and machine operator along with many other jobs that gained her the experience needed to create Enterprise Props.

Our Promise


Each prop is made with the highest quality materials, the props are made using 3D Printing, Injection Molding, CNC machining and some are even handmade and wooden.  All of our props are made to withstand high temperatures, such as hot cars, planes and studio lights etc, compared to other props that have low melting temperatures.  They are also built to withstand harsh use, strong enough for toys but realistic enough for show.  Each prop is scaled perfectly from the real life version, so no more soup can barrels that are incorrectly sized!  Each design is uniquely made, slightly different from the real thing.  The props we sell are our own original designs and ideas however we do offer some items from other prop markers but we only sell high quality items.  Our promise is to offer the highest quality props for the lowest price.

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The first model horse prop maker to use modern technology and provide the top live show quality props you see today.

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